The magazine is distributed nationally via post code selected supermarkets, play centres and by subscription to ensure we reach as many ABC1C2 consumers as possible. Readers can pick up their free copy of the magazine from strategically positioned distribution stands while they are at the tills, newspaper kiosks or as they enter the store. To date no less than 95% of each issue have been picked up within the first 7 days of distribution! Please note that readers choose to pick up the magazine – it is not handed to them.

Here is a small selection of typical comments from readers regarding the Family 247: 

“The guide itself I feel is excellent and very informative, well done to all involved.”
“I picked up your magazine in Sainsbury’s yesterday and think it is a brilliant read.”
“I picked up a copy of your magazine in my local supermarket which I think is very good……… I was wondering if there is any chance I could be put on the distribution list for the magazine. I think our families would love it”